Epic Adventure Co inspires others to live a life filled with adventure… beyond the ledge.

We aim to give you an authentic experience, so our adventures are always led by a qualified and experienced instructor and guide who has climbed, hiked and abseiled in Australasia, Africa, North America, South East Asia and Europe.

Depending on your skills and preferences, we can take you on guided adventures, learning adventures, or both. See below for the differences.

Guided Adventures

These are adventures where we take you some place cool to give you an epic adventure that involves climbing, abseiling, or both. If you just want everything to be provided and you simply join in the fun then choose these.

Participants need only bring sneakers, backpack, food and water. All safety equipment such as harnesses, ropes and helmets will be supplied by Epic Adventure Co. Just pick and choose which adventures suit you best.

Learning Adventures

These adventures are for those who want to learn the ins and outs of climbing and abseiling while also experiencing an epic adventure.


The time-honoured, 1709 saying by Alexander Pope which states, “A little learning is a dangerous thing” could not be truer for climbing and abseiling.

It’s easy to be cocky with a little knowledge, but in this sport, you may only get one chance to get it right, so we think it’s better to learn all the required skills from an expert before running off into the mountains, never to be seen again…

Wise people learn from others’ mistakes and successes, so invest in learning the best techniques and safety measures from the start.

About our Courses

At Epic Adventure Co, we reckon our courses are the best and most unique climbing and abseiling courses in Queensland! But don’t take our word for it, try one out. We only fill your mind with safe, practical and efficient systems, without unnecessary clutter.

We combine home-based learning with action packed adventures. Rather than learning at an indoor gym or mundane cliff, we head straight to the mountains for an epic adventure. Just pick and choose which courses suit you best.

Graduates will walk away with all the vital skills they need to safely enjoy the best sport climbs and abseils around the world.

Students will be expected to supply their own climbing shoes. All other safety equipment will be supplied.

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