It is with great sadness that due to factors out of our control we can no longer take you awesome peeps on any more epic adventures, at least for the foreseeable future. There are three reasons for this.

1. Since our previous insurer had changed their internal policies, we unfortunately could not secure a replacement insurance company who was willing to take on an extra outdoor adventure client such as us.

2. There has been an increase in the frequency of rockfall at Mt Tibrogargan on both the West side (scramble up) and East side (5 abseils). Consequently, there were two incidents last year whereby large rocks fell independent of our activities and from higher up from unknown causes that narrowly missed my group on the East side. The second incident being just before Xmas 2020. Despite all safety precautions in place, if those rocks hit us, they would have either caused serious injury and hospitalisation or death. While this is the risk you accept, I could not live with myself if that had happened on my watch. I care too much about people and their families. The 5 Caves, 5 Abseils, 7hrs of Adrenaline was by far your favourite adventure so it is very sad to retire it, but your safety comes first. It was the most exciting commercial adventure of it’s kind in SE QLD. We created an alternative, safer and even more exciting epic adventure on another mountain to similarly scare the sh$% out of you, but due to the insurance issue, we cannot provide it. You woulda loved it!! Perhaps one day…

3. We are the Epic Adventure Co, not the _____ Adventure Co. Therefore, while our other adventures at Kangaroo Point etc are still fun, they are similar to what others can provide. Though there is no monopoly, we do not wish to continue competing in a flooded market at Kangaroo Point. Yes, we believe we are the best, or we wouldn’t do it, but our edge is in providing unique, safe adventures that are more exciting than what any other commercial operators offer.

We are honouring our commitment to you by providing a full refund to those with unused, valid vouchers purchased from our website from 1st August 2020. We had nearly 150 prebooked adventures worth 30-40k to refund. We are a responsible business and have not spent your money so don’t worry. This is a big job though so please only contact us (via private FB message please) if you have not received your refund in your bank account by 1st March 2021. We have already begun the process but it takes time to sort this sort of stuff out so we thank you for your patience. If you have a voucher from elsewhere, you will need to request a refund from them directly and in accordance with their refund policies and validity dates.

If you have been refunded any money by mistake, we ask that you repay our honesty by informing us so the money can be returned to us.

Thank you so, so much for your overwhelming support. Some even practically begged us not to refund them, but wanted to wait as long as it took just so I could take them on an adventure. That will not be forgotten. Thank you also for making us the #1 rock climbing and abseiling provider on TripAdvisor, and #2 out of ALL outdoor activity providers. I am truly humbled. Hey, at least we finished at the top 🙂

It’s been an absolute honour and privilege to serve you.

All the best, Mike, Head Instructor