Secret Caves, Scary Climbs, 8hrs of Spice

3 for $199 each, 2 for $269 each (inc pics), or 1 for $299 (inc pics & shoes)

The PERFECT gift or group event! We are insured.

Glass House Mountains Epic Adventure

EPIC rock climbing and cave exploring adventure in the Glass House Mountains! Scramble and rock climb 500m up Mt Beerwah, checking out at least 5 caves along the way. Have lunch at the top before sliding down the other side. A super fun, all day adventure full of spice!

  • All safety equipment is supplied, including ropes, harnesses and helmets. NO experience needed.
  • Kids welcome with a participating parent/guardian.
  • You can either grab your QPWS Permit here or on the day.
  • Tickets can be swapped for different events and dates, so simply grab one now and book later. The PERFECT gift.
  • If you don’t have proper rock climbing shoes, you can either hire them here or on the day.
  • Since you won’t be able to take photos during most of this adventure, be sure to grab the Photo Package if it’s not included in your ticket and we’ll take some great pics of you doing cool stuff.

Regularly check our FB Events page for adventure dates. After purchasing, send us a message to book your place. If no dates suit, just let us know and we’ll sort one out for you.

Feel free to share this event.

Can’t wait to take you on an EPIC climbing adventure in the Glass House Mountains. You’ll have a blast!

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